Saturday, February 28, 2009

MobTorrent - A BitTorrent client for Java ME


I recently came across the first BitTorrent client for Java ME, called MobTorrent. You can find it and its source on this page. Although it still has some bugs like the OutOfMemory-Exceptions that occur sometimes, it is a very good start for implementing the Bittorrent protocol based on the Java ME platform. I wonder, when the first Gnutella client for Java ME will be released :-)



jaxa said...

i tried mobtorrent on my java phone (Nokia 3110c )but it does not sucessfully run on it. since mobtorrent needs a
mobile phone which supports JSR 175
which my pohone does not,so is it possible to make new version of mobtorrent that does not require JSR 175 or can mobile firmware update of my mobile will support JSR 175

Makube said...

Hi Hasib,

yes JSR 175 is the only API for Java ME that suports unrestricted access to the phones file system. Therefore it is urgently needed to run such kind of applications. You need a new phone that supports this API.


Ankit said...

I download mobtorent 1.0 it not ad torent.
Ph mod- SE w660i n ver 1.1 show app eror. Help

Makube said...

Hi ankit,

I cannot help, as I'm not the author of this MIDlet. Go to the site of the MobTorrent creators and get in contact with them.


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