Saturday, January 19, 2008

Run Opera Mini on PC - Now larger and cooler!

Before you read on, the newest version of "OperaMiniLargeDevice" can be found here and here.
This post only refers to the old version 0.5.

I recently updated the solution to use the Opera Mini browser on the PC to version 0.5, introduced in the previous post. Opera Mini is a mobile browser that was originally based on Java ME (J2ME). It is now also available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and numerous other mobile platforms. It offers a fast browsing experience due to advanced content compression techniques. Thanks to the nice enhancement of my "OperaMiniLargeDevice" in this post at for another application, I got some ideas to improve the original solution.

So the new version 0.5 offers these changes and improvements:
  • Screensize enlarged to 1200 x 705 from 1024x705
  • Mouse can be used to control Opera Mini and to click on links
  • Escape-key does not accidentially close the emulator anymore
Version 0.5 can be downloaded from here. Please follow the installation instructions in the previous post.

The older versions 0.2 and 0.1 are still available from here and here.

Yesterday I made some tests on how much traffic you can save using this solution. For instance the big german news site took around 850 kb to completely load on the Firefox browser. On the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" only 103 kb were needed. On a Nokia 6230 only 51 kb of traffic were consumed. Here is one picture of these tests using version 0.5 of the "OperaMiniLargeDevice":

As you can see, you can really save traffic with the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" and with a dialup connection or slow GPRS connection the page load time is vastly improved, also because the Opera Mini proxy has been enhanced recently.



Anonymous said...

There are keypad combinations (shortcuts) on opera mini, such as #2 to pen bookmarks page and #5 to open history. What keys on my keyboard(PC) to represent that shorcuts???.
I have read your wtklib device properties file, it said that VK_NUMBER_SIGN is assigned to #(key.USER10), what exactly key on my keyboard(PC) as VK_NUMBER_SIGN ?
I tried to combine key '-' and '2' on my keyboard (PC) to open opera mini history page, but it didn't work. What's your suggestion?...
Anyway I like your idea, THANKS....

Makube said...

Please put the following lines in the properties file:
key.0 = VK_0 VK_NUMPAD0
key.1 = VK_1 VK_NUMPAD1
key.2 = VK_2 VK_NUMPAD2
key.3 = VK_3 VK_NUMPAD3
key.4 = VK_4 VK_NUMPAD4
key.5 = VK_5 VK_NUMPAD5
key.6 = VK_6 VK_NUMPAD6
key.7 = VK_7 VK_NUMPAD7
key.8 = VK_8 VK_NUMPAD8
key.9 = VK_9 VK_NUMPAD9

Then you can use the shortcuts with the key "#" + a number from the numpad. Thanks for your suggestion. Greetings makube

Mega Yanuardi said...

As your suggestion, I've shifted those lines above.
I tried to access opera mini history using PC keyboard by pressing '#' + '5', but it still didn't work.

I think the reason is, -(correct me if i'm wrong)-, opera mini shorcut '#' + '5' is a combination of two keys, and when I used PC keyboard to represent the shorcut above, I actually pressed three keys, 'Shift' + '3' + '5'.

On my PC keyboard the key '3' and '#' have same pad position, so to produce key '#', key 'Shift' is also needed to press.

Combination of three keys on my PC keyboard can't be correctly translated by opera mini.

Fortunately, I found a solution.....

In device properties file.

Because '#' is assigned to keyboard.handler.qwerty.USER10, and '*' is assigned to keyboard.handler.qwerty.USER9, so...

I replaced:

and also replaced:

I think SPACE BAR is more comfortable to represent '#' when it's combined with a number and so key CONTROL is, to represent '*'.

Now, using my keyboard, I'm able to access opera mini bookmark by pressing 'SPACE BAR' + '2'.

Oooops, one more thing. I also use opera mini mod, version 2.06. It stores saved pages, settings, downloaded file, etc, in a storage device for phone such as MicroSD.

So, to emulate a storage device, I let WTK, in it's preference, to set it's Storage Root Directory in a folder. I named the folder "storage_dev" (without quotes) for for it's storage.

And then, I set it's Security Policy = MSA, and Security Domain = manufacture.

Thanks for your response and suggestion.

danny said...

Interesting! Now I can easily access my bookmarks using combinations of SPACEBAR + 2. To mega yanuardi, where can I find opera mini mod 2.06 english version, both jar and jad? I want to ask something. I tried to combine OperaminiLargeDevice with Toonel (a bandwith compressor software), but I failed to do so. I have changed the proxy setting in wtklib preferences to the Toonel setting, which is host:, port: 8080. Thanks for the advice.

Mega Yanuardi said...


Opera-Mini Mod is ILLEGAL, I will never recommend you to go to , click a link (Makers), follow the wizard, and use GOOGLE TRANSLATE to translate the Russian pages. I can't help you, I'm sorry... :)

You failed to bind OperaMini-WTK-Toonel because you forgot to change network protocol to HTTP in Opera Mini setting, it's set to SOCKET by default.

Pressing SPACE + 8, will bring you there. Good Luck.

Makube said...

Thank you Mega Yanuardi for your great contribution. In a future version of Opera MiniLargeDevice I will integrate your solution. Now lets check if we can control the mobile browser Teashark the same way. Teashark also offers fullscreen support. Greetings makube

Mega Yanuardi said...

I think Teashark, Onspeed Mobile, and UCweb, will work fine on OperaMiniLargeDevice. TouchScreen or mouse will not on TeaShark because TeaShark doesn't support it, unless we impolitely inject some simple codes (patches) to it's body, and we won't do that will we?

Zulfikar said...

Dear Friends, My OMoLD always reinstalling when I open it after closing it..Plase help

bondan said...

please tell me how to use opera mini mod 2.06 or 3.10(newest version) on opera mini large device.. im already download the jad and jar file and then everytime i run the jad file it just download something (i think the jar file) and then nothing happen..

Makube said...

Hi bondan,

the things is, the MIDlet-Jar-URL in the jad file points to the appropriate jar in the web. Please remove everything from the jar-url path but the filename. This way the jar on your disk will be used instead. But regard, that these modded versions do not provide full screen support.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

pls do i ve to install n start my opera to my phone becos wen ever i run the midp application it opens a phone in my system and the opera mini jar file does not open in my system pls is dere anytin i can do ,pls do i ve to set my internet explorer for it to open not in phone format or wat do i ve to do ? pls help me i really need ur help or if u can add me to ur chat list in yahoo mail n pls if u can pls send me the step by step installation process to my box pls my mail id is tank u for ur concer ur help n assistance

Makube said...

Hi, you are making it very difficult to help you with your style of writing. A lot of people here got OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) to work properly on their machines using the installation steps in this post: . I will not repeat these steps in the comments. Please check the requirements and all the installation steps once again. And you definitely won't need the Internet Explorer, Firefox or similar browsers to do that. But what you really need is the OMLD from
or the special versions for different screen sizes. Set it as your default Emulator skin, as described in the post above and you can run the normal Opera Mini in a large window.

Good luck

Makube said...

Hi again,
I thought, maybe you meant the other solution to bring Opera Mini to the big screen. You can find extensive installation info on this method at:
Short help:
Open the JAR file using: "Menu > File > Open" then navigate to the folder in which there is the JAR file.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

my default device selection is a colour phone and it displays a phone why pls

Anonymous said...

when ever i merge the jar and the jad together it gives me error or the order way jad and jar it also gives me error why pls , but actually im not using a gprs to test it but internet connection pls can some 1 help me pls

Makube said...

Hi, you have to install OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) first, as described in the initial post:
-Install the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (complete folder) in Path-to-WTk\wtklib\devices
After this step you will be able to set OMLD as your default device. Please follow the steps and read carefully. You do not have to somehow merge the JAD and the JAR, simply install both files into one directory and select the JAD from the menu Run MIDP Application. This way it will work.


Anonymous said...

pls omld is not free for me so i want to try om mod 2.06 but it dosnt open it shows downloading and it disappears

Makube said...

Hi, what do you mean by OMLD is not free? OMLD means OperaMiniLargeDevice and is the solution provided on this blog. Both Opera Mini (the midlet) and OMLD are free. However you network provider could (and probably will) charge the network access though Opera Mini.

However with Opera Mini Mod it works the same way. First download OM Mod (the JAR and the JAD file) into ONE directory. Then open the JAD with a text editor and change the MIDlet-JAR-Url to the simple filename. Then start OMLD with OM Mod and see if it works.


Anonymous said...

i cant find my comment lol

Makube said...

Yes, there are a lot of comments.
Not easy to find the right one again. :-)


Anonymous said...

brother help me with my problem... i can open the window of opera but it seems that it is not complete.all i can see is the word opera at the right top and the word launch at the bottom,the res of the page is blank. the cursor of my mouse can navigate but it cannot click the launch.please help me,i badly needed this opera mini in my pc

Makube said...

in the comments of the other post I told you the following:

Simply press F2 to launch Opera Mini, when you are on the Start Screen.

You can also start OM by pressing Enter on this screen.

Good luck

Kopje said...

please, I have a Dell with an Intel pentium III processor running on windows XP and am really a novice in all things computer. I am student in Delta State University, Delta State, Nigeria. Funny enough am a beginner computer engineering student. I would really like to run operamini 2.06 or 4.2 on my laptop. I don not know how to go about it and I dont have an idea how to do it. I wish you could email me details along with download links. I would really appreciate it. My internet access is limited to a few precious hours a week as a result of the cost involved that is why am asking this. My email is
Thank you so very, very much. Yours, Klynoxx

Makube said...

Hi Klynoxx,

thank you for your interest. This post is not up-to-date anymore.

The whole procedure is described in the previous blog post at

Go through all steps described in there. If you still have any questions afterwards it will be a pleasure for me to assist you in solving your problems.


Anonymous said...

hi.. Makube
is there a way to "copy - paste" web address link on OMLD? Thank's


Makube said...

Hi Saldi,

this post is obsolete. You will find your answer in the navigation section of this post:


tali said...

how do i upload files usin the opera mini pc? where do i place the files to upload on the pc folder so that i can upload the files via operamini on PC?

Makube said...

Hi tali,

look at for a file upload demo. It works in Opera Mini and in OMLD. On my system (Win XP) the file system folders for the 1024x705 version of OMLD are here:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\makube\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\OperaMiniLargeDevice1024x705\filesystem\root1

Look for a similar folder on your system and place files you wish to upload in there.


nisim said...

whenever i try to start om on my omld it ask for internet conn, i press f2 but it says no net conn me doin http proxy setting for this device in detail....

Makube said...

Hi nisim,

the newest OMLD version can found here:

To set an HTTP proxy in the WTK open the WTK preferences, select network configuration and enter the proxy data. Then start Opera Mini in OMLD, select Menu->Tools->Settings and change the network protocol to HTTP.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

As i read it here. I wish to make few points.
1. As you say, using opera mini mods is ILLEGAL. You are absolutely right in saying that because when you begin using OM. You accept the EULA saying that the software will not be modified. But in the very same EULA, its given that the user must 'use' it only on mobile and this necessary excludes its use on PC. Hence all this is too illegal.
2. The mod designers have never removed operas copyright trademark logos from its program nor they claimed it to be their own but just added to its functionality which opera atleast presently failed to deliver.
3. No mod designer is profiting by working on it and spending there valuable time. Presently release of such a packaged OM for desktop in an exe format with a considerably reduced size was postponed for same reasons. (will soon update you with a link)

Hoping positive responses.

Opera plz help ur revolutionising the webbing...


Makube said...

Hi Ank,
thank you for pointing out your concerns. I fully understand them.
OMLD has been developed to give people with a slow internet connection the possibility to surf the web in fullscreen and in acceptable speed. Many readers here are very satisfied that this solution exists. You can see the number of interested visitors on this site.

Lately, the clear borders between mobile phones, notebooks, netbooks and even PCs are blurred as all these devices can offer functions of the others at a time. Moreover, Opera itself offers to try Opera Mini on its own website at using the MicroEmulator, which is definitely no mobile device. The fullscreen option of Opera Mini 4 was the first big reason to let it run on the big screen. This is why OMLD was created.

I really respect your concerns. You can also try Opera 10 for the desktop PC that offers a similar content compression technique to Opera Mini. I hope this suggestion will help you.


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