Sunday, May 13, 2007

My TOP 10 J2ME Applications

In my first post I would like to present my TOP 10 mobile Java applications, that I really like and would surely miss, if they would not be available anymore. The list starts with the MIDlet I use most often.
  1. Opera Mini (The best J2ME-based Internet Browser)
  2. Google Mail Mobile (Google Mail-client with a really pretty GUI)
  3. Papla (Really nice Jabber-IM-client)
  4. Google Maps (For viewing maps and route calculation)
  5. WLIrc2 (The best mobile IRC-application which also supports DCC file transfer)
  6. JIMM (Very functional ICQ-IM-client)
  7. JumpRadioGuide (A MIDlet by the german radio station JUMP, for news and traffic infos)
  8. RadioBee (Listen to internet radio stations on your phone)
  9. ZelfiSMS (Program to send free SMS from germany, austria and switzerland)
  10. MMail (A small email client with POP3/SMTP mail server support)
Hope you find these suggestions useful.