Saturday, September 19, 2009

FireMatcher - Find Matching Documents


today I want to introduce the new extension FireMatcher for Firefox 3.x that has been released yesterday. With FireMatcher you are able to find similar documents to your local ones which do not even have to be made public. But also documents in the web like webpages can be conveniently analyzed as well. FireMatcher will instantly analyze them and extract their most important terms and phrases to present you topically matching documents in the web.

On the results page the most important phrases and terms will be presented along with the search results for the (pre-)selected terms. Quick Search enables users to automatically select the most important terms and phrases as queries:

Teachers easily find the original documents of their students' work. Developers and researchers find out if similar things to their unpublished documents already exist. The same opportunities have journalists and other professionals who want to know whether their unpublished document or a similar one is already public.

FireMatcher works on Windows and Linux and requires a current Java Runtime Environment as the text technology is based on Java. The document formats .txt, .html, .pdf, .doc and .ppt are currently supported.

You can download the beta version of FireMatcher from here.



r4 said...

A software which is used for finding documents depending on the key word. It does really find docs very easiy through its text. now i dont have to remember file's names and still i can find it from the text i entered. Its just great...

Makube said...

Yes, this extension is very useful. You can even use it to detect rip-offs. It is an extension which is really unique in regards to other search related extensions and it is working really fast, even on larger text documents.


SEOkik said...

I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up....