Sunday, March 14, 2010

OMLDSuite - Opera Mini on the PC as a One-Click-Solution


this is what you've been waiting for. Now you can have OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) (see previous posts) as a one-click-solution (OMLDSuite) to let Opera Mini run on the PC in a big window. This browser is now also available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and numerous other mobile platforms. It offers a fast browsing experience due to advanced content compression techniques. The new OMLDSuite consists of three components:
  • an emulator from the JavaFX SDK (adapted for OMLDSuite)
  • Opera Mini 5 beta 2
  • scripts to install and start Opera Mini
Follow the next steps in order to use OMLDSuite on your computer.

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Java Runtime Enviroment from here
  • Internet access on your PC
Downloading OMLDSuite:

I have made several versions of OMLDSuite for different screen resolutions. Feel free to download the version which suits your needs:
Installation and running OMLDSuite:
  • Unpack the OMLDSuite archive you just downloaded in one directory.
  • Run the script "install_opera_mini.bat" by clicking on it. This is only needed once!
  • Then click on the script start_opera_mini.bat" whenever you want to start OMLDSuite.
  • Then the emulator window should come up in which you can launch Opera Mini (5).
As this new solution does not need the Sun Wireless Toolkit or the Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 or the JDK the installation is now much simpler.