Friday, August 22, 2008

O2 Germany's Internet-to-Go Browser on the PC


I recently came across the Internet-to-Go Browser by O2 Germany. In fact, it's an adapted but up-to-date version of the Opera Mini browser that offers some special functions as the access to the O2 Communication Center to check and write e-mails without having to login with username and password. This only works with O2 sim cards. With other sim cards the installation will fail, as a special O2 proxy is used at Opera for internet connection.

This browser also runs on the previously introduced OperaMiniLargeDevice, in order to let it run on the PC in a big screen. But regard, you need to be connected via an O2 GPRS/EDGE/UMTS connection to install this midlet in the WTK emulator.

So you are eager to try this special OperaMini version yourself? No problem! You can get the special browser this way:

- Download the jad file at
- Locate the String " MIDlet-Jar-URL: " and copy the next URL to your browser
- Then the download of the jar starts. Save it to the same directory as the jad.
- Now change the above mentioned URL in the jad to "mini.jar"
- Then you can start the midlet using the steps in the previous posts

Here are some screenshot of what the browser looks like in the WTK:

The intro:

The start page:

A web site in full screen:

Some additional remarks:
- The browser's interface is kept in the typical O2 blue style
- The start page can not be customized. It always points to the WAP Portal of O2 Germany
- The Communication Center works nicely
- Connection speed is a bit slower than in the normal Opera Mini
- Downloads aren't directly possible unlike in the normal Opera Mini

Have fun.