Thursday, January 3, 2008

Opera Mini as a PC Browser (big screen)


a new version of OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) for the new Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0, which is compatible with the new Opera Mini 5, has been published here. OMLD for the older Sun WTK, which is the topic of this post, will stay online, as it is also compatible with Linux and many users have installed this solution already.

Now the original post:

Today I have worked on a solution to make the famous mobile browser Opera Mini run in a big window on the PC. The reason for this is the fast browsing experience on mobile devices with this application and the small amount of traffic it generates during browsing sessions, because the Opera Mini proxy reduces page sizes. It is now also available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and numerous other mobile platforms. So also PC users could benefit from using this browser, especially from version 4 that introduces fullscreen support.

Because Opera Mini is a Java ME application, an emulator is necessary. Therefore, I used the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit with the included MIDP emulator. Then I adapted the preinstalled "QwertyDevice" and made a new emulator device template, the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (OMLD), with the usable screen size of 1200x705 pixels. I omitted the usual control buttons of the standard emulators to have more space for the browser.

Here are two pictures of what the result looks like.

OperaMiniLargeDevice is now available in 4 variants for different screen resolutions. So if you want to test the solution yourself you should follow the next steps:

  • Get the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from here.
  • Get the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC from here.
  • Get the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" for Sun Java Wireless Toolkit from here.
  • Get Opera Mini Browser 4.2 from here. Be sure to download both the JAD and the JAR to the same directory. The generic advanced version is recommended.
  • Internet access on the PC
Installation (done for Win XP):
  • Install the JDK.
  • Install the Wireless Toolkit.
  • Unzip your downloaded version of "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (simply extract it, a directory will be created automatically). Copy this directory to Path-to-WTk\wtklib\devices\ . The complete path to OMLD on my machine looks as follows: "C:\WTK2.5.2\wtklib\devices\OperaMiniLargeDevice1024x705".
  • Then choose "OperaMiniLargeDevice" as the default device, e.g. via "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Default Device Selection".
  • Then use "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Run MIDP Application" to start Opera Mini via its JAD file.
  • The start screen should appear and you should now be able to launch Opera Mini by pressing F2.


It might be that you receive the following error on starting Opera Mini:

OTA server emulation started ...
HTTPS server emulation started ...
Error: Reason = 36

The most obvious reason for this error is that the "MIDlet-Jar-URL" in the JAD does not point to the right JAR file. Try to open the JAD with a text editor, locate the property "MIDlet-Jar-URL" and make sure that ONLY the filename of the JAR is left in this entry, e.g. MIDlet-Jar-URL: opera-mini-4.2.13918-advanced-de.jar . You must not use a complete URL to the JAR in the web. And do not forget to put the JAD and the JAR in the same directory.


You can set the link focus and scroll through a site with ARROW keys. The ENTER key selects an action, e.g. a text field. Texts can be entered with the normal keyboard keys. You can copy from and paste text into text fields by pressing STRG+c and STRG+v. The keys F1 and F2 control the menu actions of Opera Mini and the emulator, e.g. security questions for internet access. Since version 0.5 you can use your mouse to control Opera Mini and to click on links.

Hope you find this solution helpful. Any tips to improve this solution are welcome.

Greetings Makube


Update to version 0.6 (see this post):
  • Shortcuts in Opera Mini usable
  • Speed dial in Opera Mini usable
  • Special version for netbooks and UMPCs like the Asus EEE or the HTC Shift available
Update to version 0.5 (Major update):
  • Screensize enlarged to 1200 x 705 from 1024x705
  • Mouse can be used to control Opera Mini and to click on links
  • Escape-key does not accidentially close the emulator anymore
Update to version 0.2:

I updated "OperaMiniLargeDevice" to version 0.2 because the first version triggered annoying keyRepeatEvents on some websites, resulting in not being able to focus links. Therefore the property keyRepeatEvents is now set to false. Happy browsing!


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nk said...

thanks, i can view my obml files....but i wonder about how to print from this opera mini browser????? nothing about printing there, or how to copy the content to printable something else....
just printscreen do :(

thanks b4

Makube said...

Hi Edo,

OMLDSuite V0.2 has been released. Please check, if a variant suits your needs. BTW: Opera Turbo is an enhancement for the Opera desktop browser. However, in my tests the page compression technique for Opera Mini reduces the page sizes better. This might also have something to do with the fact, that the screen resolution of the mobile device is taken into account for this and that specific JavaScript and Flash code is omitted when it cannot be interpreted by Opera Mini.


Daniel O. Rivera said...

how can I "open" saved pages from my phone in the OMLD????? please help!!!

Makube said...

Hi nk and Daniel O. Rivera,

printing is not possible from inside OM. You can copy text from textfields to other programs.

To find the path to the saved pages and to downloads check this blog post:


Anonymous said...

hi...i'm mohd

when i run the shows

OTA server emulation started ...
HTTPS server emulation started ...
Error: Reason = 13

l have followed all the jad and jar instruction included the MIDlet-Jar-URL like MIDlet-Jar-URL: opera-mini-4.2.22714-advanced-en.jar but still got the same error. my os is win 7..please help me at can be a good friend after this

Makube said...

Hmm, this is strange. OMLD works for me in Win 7.

It seems that the jar cannot be found by the emulator (filename wrong) or something is wrong with the jar e.g. manifest inside is missing inside or corrupt.

Can you download the jar and the jad again?


Anonymous said...

hello again, i'm mohd

i have followed all the steps even redownload the jar and jad files but i still get the same error. can i just locate the jar and jad files at desktop?

please help....

Makube said...

Hi Mohd,

it is sad to hear that, because it works for so many users here. Did you download an Opera Mini version with certificates? If so, maybe you should try it with one that is not signed.

However, may I suggest to you to try my new and recommended one-click-soluton OMLDSuite from

to let Opera Mini run on the PC?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hi, mohd here

some files are corupt especially emulator files in omldsuite-v02 and i can not extract it. so please upload a new link for 1024x600 pixels version

thank you

Anonymous said...

I have both Opera Mini and Bolt installed on my cell and I use both frequently. It seems Bolt is a lot faster than Opera Mini. Could you do something similar with Bolt. SSince you adapted Opera Mini for use on a desktop in order to take advantage of its fast web page loading ability wouldn't adapting and using Bolt to do the same make more sense?

Anonymous said...

I have both Opera Mini and Bolt installed on my cell and I use both frequently. I can say from personal experience that Bolt is a lot faster than Opera Mini. Could you do something similar with Bolt. Since you adapted Opera Mini for use on a desktop in order to take advantage of its fast web page loading ability wouldn't adapting and using Bolt to do the same make more sense?

John said...

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Edo said...

Hi Makube

How are you?

Can you make new OMLDSuite 1280x1024 pixels version?


william said...

whoa!!!, you had a passion in blogging, thumbs up for your work of love.. Hehe very inspiring ideas,

anyway I'm william
mind if I put a link back to you?

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Narayanan said...

I tried with opera 6.1 instead opera 4.2 as opera 4.2 is outdated(no links available) and when using opera 6.1 i may not be able use my keyboard or mouse to start the browser though i launched it by pressing F2.
Is the any alternative solution available?

Thanks in advance.

John said...

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Kartik said...

hi makube,
its works great, but i want to save the webpages in opera format to open in my phone,but the resolution you provide is very large than my phones resolution, so when i open the page in my phone, i have to do horizontal scrolling.
Can u give me any setting to make the resolution to 240*320 for my phone.Please its important and urgent.

Anonymous said...

try this operamini direct install

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Anonymous said...

hi bro my windows 7 in hp netbook has a graphics problem so can i get opera mini for 640 480

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